Friday, May 29, 2009

'mai-kao-hong-mai' library / ห้องสมุด'ไม้เก่า ห้องใหม่'

This blog is to keep me...and everyone interested updated about the Mai-kao Hong-mai library at Talad Kao Minburi after the TYIN group has left. The idea is to look at changes and stories from now on and how the library and people continue their own"space". Not only here in the library but EVERYWHERE.....

Would be very interesting to see how they 'play' with their own spaces from now on after the playground and the library were changed into the better environment.....
and what their "building change" architecture will turn into.......

and who are the PEOPLE involved?
and where is the next space to change???
and how they change it?????
and where are the materials?
so many questions to think about!!!
so all changes seen by anybody are very welcome here.....................
will keep u all updated as much as possible!!!
K.Y :-)

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