Friday, May 29, 2009

2 days later : 11 am : 29th May 2552/2009

Went in at around 11:00 today. was very hot. saw Chok, P ning ( the shop lady ), Auyn, and everyone playing Hi-Low (<--have to highlight this!) The library seemed quiet...maybe all the kids were still at school

still very nice paintings.....

is that the sun?????

more books today ; some are from The Nation magazine, some are from my mom. Buddhism books....mediation and stuff....

Think maybe this has become P Un ( the veggie guy )'s new bedroom!!!! Haha...this is 3rd time seeing him sleeping here!!!! Niceeeee!!!!

Amazing patterns on the Sung-Ga-See. ( iron roof??!!! is it called like that??!!) At 11 am.
Nice.....the curves of the roof create the curving patterns.....

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