Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chidren's Day 5 : The atmostphere : 9th Jan 2553/2010

Thai Children's Day, is always on 2nd Saturday of January.

This year, the Minburi old market community decided to celebrate their new year's and children's day on the same day to save their community money and because thinking that the activities were quite the same.

I remeber the girls started to prepare their dancing about 1 month before as well as the people, both kids and adults were talking about ' which team are you? '.

It was really really nice to see they are getting serious about their own activities.

Choke told me that he got up at around 5 am to come out to prepare tools for the activities, go to the market and clean the area. He said he was sleeping and then heard P Un doing things outside so he got up. Then called the other guys to help.

P Un said he got up at 3 am!!!!

One of the things I noticed in there is that because the adults also celebrated their new year's day today, so the great thing is that there were so many adults helping esp. one who I have never seen before. So many!
And because there were so many little kids so there were many adults coming out taking care of their kids. Some already moved out of this community and came back, even the one who works overseas.
And it was almost a free alcohol day ( Haha still there was some but they were kind of hiding themselves away from the little kids. )
Afterall, it was such a fantastic day. I am sure everyone had a really nice time.
The ending party was that the playground turned into a dancing floor at night. The little kids were out dancing as well as the older kids and adults.
( Video soon here )

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