Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cleaning and killing plants!!! 11/06/2552:2009 Around 12-3 pm

After 3 hours of CLEANING and KILLING plants!!!!!!!!!
Ok, so we decided to continue on coming back to making the Veggie plots after ignoring it to grow in this rainy season!!!!!
Ahhh!!!!! It grows so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like we never clean it before!!!!!
So, there were 5 of us at first, started from 12:00.
There were Clement, Jia and Shing from Singapore. Chok and P Un from the community. A, the intern and me. Before After (quite a bad comparison)
will try to find better pics!)

The old vegetables we found while cleaning! It was for dinner!!! Great!!! Don't have to pay for dinner tonight!!!!

Under this ground, glasses, plastic and stuff!


Jia and Shing

Materials for making compost!!! We're doing it we're doing it!!!

P Un came later with this grass cutting machine!!!! Haha!!! Faster!!!! Good for some areas only!
Not for the veggie plots!

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